Teacher Terms

Maqare User Agreement (Teacher Terms of Use)


Welcome to the Maqare family, where we strive together to teach and spread the knowledge of the Holy Quran around the world.

We value your efforts and dedication in teaching the Holy Quran and look forward to the positive impact you will make in the lives of students.

Together, we will create an educational environment that respects values and traditions and opens new doors to knowledge and understanding.

Teacher Commitments
  • Professionalism and General Etiquette: As a teacher, you set the example in the classroom. We expect you to adhere to the highest standards of general etiquette and provide a supportive and respectful learning environment.
  • Academic Responsibility: You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and quality of the educational materials and maintaining academic focus in the classroom.
  • Order and Behavioral Control: You must maintain order in the classroom and act firmly and fairly in dealing with any inappropriate behaviors.

Intellectual Property and Content
  • Respect for Intellectual Property: The educational materials you use and provide must be free of any copyright or intellectual property violations.
  • Content Contribution: We encourage you to contribute innovative educational materials that enhance Maqare's content. Such contributions will be appreciated in accordance with the platform's regulations and policies.
Security and Privacy
  • Protection of Student Data: You must protect the privacy and security of student data.
  • Avoid sharing this information with third parties without explicit permission from Maqare and the concerned student.
  • Reporting Violations: You must immediately report any inappropriate behaviors or violations you observe during educational sessions.

We value your efforts and commend your significant role in spreading the education of the Holy Quran. We look forward to a fruitful and ongoing collaboration, and we are proud to have you as part of this great initiative. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and dedication to teaching the book of Allah.




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